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Felts v. Reed

The Washington University in St. Louis School of Law's First Amendment Clinic and the ACLU of Missouri has filed suit against  St.

June 23, 2020

Raven Jennings II, Raymond Douglas V. University City

Two musicians have been systematically barred from performing because of an unconstitutional ordinance, as well as related policies prohibiting musicians from standing still while performing or requiring permits for musicians to play on private property violating the 1rst and 14th amendments.

May 1, 2020

David v. Missouri Public Defender Commission

Groundbreaking Law Suit Targets State of Missouri for Unconstitutional Public Defender Waiting Lists. Challenges practice that has forced thousands throughout to navigate criminal legal process without counsel

February 28, 2020

Sarah Townsend v. Unknown Officer Williams

In August 2018, Sarah Townsend went to the Mobil Gas Station on West Florissant in Dellwood in order to buy gasoline and a soda. There, while Townsend was at a gas pump, a man using a manual wheelchair approached her and engaged her in conversation. Whi

October 18, 2019