Being in jail makes people incredibly vulnerable to COVID-19. Pre-trial detention, technical violations of probation, and minor offenses are major drivers of the jail population in Missouri. Those in jail do not have the room to stand six feet apart and often lack access to basic materials to keep the virus from spreading. Missouri must do all it can to decrease the number of people incarcerated to combat COVID-19. Will you help us and give your local jail a call to encourage them to decrease the number of people being held?

Call script:

Hi, my name is ______. I was calling because I see that the jail population has decreased since late March and I want to thank you for your efforts to decrease the jail population in light of COVID-19.

I also want to encourage you to continue to decrease the number of people incarcerated and give particular consideration to individuals who are elderly, immunocompromised, pregnant, or whose release poses minimal risk to the community.

I hope you will show leadership in protecting the safety of all Missourians and especially our most vulnerable populations during this time. Thank you!

Jail contact info


Contact: Sheriff Robert Dwayne Carey, (573) 875- 1111


Contact: Sheriff Daryl Forte, (816) 524-4302


Contact: Sheriff Jim Arnott, (417) 868-4040

St. Louis City:

Contact: Sheriff Vernon Betts, (314) 622-4851

St. Louis County

Contact: Sheriff Jim Buckles, (314) 615-4724