The ACLU of Missouri seeks to educate voters about their voting rights prior to the November 2020 election and construct a digital infrastructure for future voter engagement on and off the ballot.

We seek a proposal for work that will:

  • Spearhead a coordinated digital campaign with smart media buys, targeted advertising, and structures to retain and pivot volunteers from one campaign to the next.
  • Provide tactical expertise and tools to disseminate ACLU messaging.
  • Analyze and test messaging to voters that can be used to help identify “civil liberties” voters.
  • Increase voter turnout and success by informing voters regarding the ways to cast their ballots and deadlines to meet for the November 2020 election.
  • Assess voter comfort and success with a variety of voting methods.
  • Produce an assessment of current communication strategies at the ACLU of Missouri and make recommendations for growth and development.
  • Inform, based on lessons learned during voter engagement for November 2020, our communications strategy and identify future pathways to mobilize voters around ballot initiatives, issues, and legislation.
  • Grow affiliate staff knowledge of what digital communications tools to use for greatest impact and partner with and provide expert analysis for current ACLU-MO staff to increase capacity and comfort with campaign communications strategies.


The ACLU-MO is in the midst of a capacity-building initiative that will be partially informed by growth potential in our Communications Department. During this election, the ACLU of Missouri seeks to employ a communications strategy that will mobilize voters around voting rights and ballot initiatives.

Missouri is one of the most restrictive states in the country for voters. With no obvious early voting, notary requirements, and pressing deadlines, Missouri voters are at risk for disenfranchisement. Our goal is to make sure every ballot counts.

This November, Missourians will vote on races that impact voting rights, racial justice, and reproductive freedom. Amendment 3, if passed, would make Missouri one of the most gerrymandered states in the nation and undue the will of the voters.

Now is the time to vote like your civil liberties depend on it and the ACLU of Missouri is committed to being on the frontlines.


The ACLU of Missouri, when it engages with electoral work, will zealously guard its nonpartisanship and seek to enhance political discourse on civil liberties issues through its engagement.


  • Three references should be included.
  • Responsive proposal memo should include initial thoughts on strategy, team members involved with bios, and pricing

Note: Pricing should be comprehensive, including any relevant hard costs needed for execution. DEADLINE FOR PROPOSAL/QUESTIONS

Questions about the RFP and proposals should be submitted to Katie Hinners, Please deliver proposals in an electronic format no later than 12pm Central on Tuesday, September 8th.

ACLU is an equal opportunity employer. We value a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. The ACLU encourages applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, disability, veteran status and record of arrest or conviction.