Your Rights

Spousal and Family Rights

  • Your marriage is legally recognized by the state of Missouri.
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs and the Social Security Administration recognize spousal benefits for same-sex marriages.
  • Private employers may still provide domestic partners with any benefits they wish.
  • Missouri has no laws limiting the rights of LGBT individuals to adopt.

Students' Rights

  • Schools cannot "out" students without permission.
  • Students who choose to be out are constitutionally protected to do so.
  • Students may bring a same-sex date to prom and/or dress in the matter that they feel represents them.
  • Students are able to form gay-straight alliances if other non-curricular clubs are allowed.
  • Students have a right to feel safe at school and are protected against harassment.

Civil Rights

  • Crimes that are knowingly motivated by sexual orientation are subject to enhanced penalties.
  • Missouri's hate crimes law explicitly includes gender identity-motivated crimes under its broad definition of sexual orientation.

What You Can Do Right Now

  • Download our LGBT in MO: Know Your Rights.
  • Legally safeguard your relationships and assets through estate planning.
  • Work to elect local and national politicians who support LGBT rights.
  • Support organizations and community groups creating safe spaces and lifting up LGBT voices.
  • Join ACLU of Missouri and help us fight for equality in our state.