When the Missouri Legislature proposed two bills that would ban abortion at six weeks – before most women even know they are pregnant – we immediately took action to block this legislation. You can join the fight by calling your Senator and urging them to vote “NO” on House Bill 126 and Senate Bill 279. These bills block women’s access to safe abortions and deny healthcare to the most vulnerable.

Recently, we received a letter expressing the need to stop the bans proposed by these dangerous bills. A woman’s health should guide important medical decisions throughout her pregnancy without political interference.

Read just one story of why we must #StopTheBans proposed by House Bill 126 and Senate Bill 279.

I believe that people deserve love and support. Full stop.

That is why it chills me that the Missouri Legislature is considering two measures, HB 126 and SB 279, that would ban abortion at six weeks. Do they know how this would have harmed my family? Do they care?

In June of 2010, my beloved little sister was brutally raped by an individual we the family knew. She was only 10. At this tender age, she was beginning her menstrual cycle, and on July 15, 2010 we found out that she was indeed impregnated by the rapist.

A few weeks ago I sat in on a committee hearing in the Missouri Legislature to hear debate on these abortion bans. One of the first questions went straight to my heart.

“Representative, am I correct that your bill contains no exceptions for rape or incest?”

“You are correct Senator because two wrongs don’t make a right.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I felt my chest tighten and my eyes blink faster. I felt memories rush back in vivid color. This was about me, my family, our choices.

With a strong support system provided by my mother and me, my sister sought an abortion. We didn’t decide to pursue an abortion because we were selfish, or trying to be vindictive. We supported ending this pregnancy because who would want their 10 year old daughter carrying a child that was formed due to an act of violence? Who would do that to a child?

Let me be clear. I support the right to choose. I think keeping abortion legal means keeping abortion safe. I do not think it is my place to tell someone else what to do with their body.

I’m telling you this story not because I think abortion should only be an option in cases of rape and incest but instead to show you how extreme Missouri is becoming. Missouri’s legislative determination to ban abortion is so hostile to women and to children that they don’t care how my sister would have been collateral damage.

I will always care and I will always love her. For all those in Missouri that need an abortion, I support them and their ability to choose what is right for themselves.

We cannot legislate the perfect childhood, we cannot legislate the perfect family, or the perfect relationship. Making laws like HB 126 and SB 279 forces our hand away from compassion, away from self-determination, to a legal space where the state controls if we decide to give birth or not.

I can’t accept this as a sibling or as a Missourian. Please call your senator and ask them to vote against HB 126 and SB 279.


Call today to tell your legislator to #StopTheBans.

#MoLeg must support women’s reproductive health and say NO to House Bill 126 and Senate Bill 279. 

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