2019’s Ten Days of Trans Demands (#10DTD) campaign starts November 10th and goes until Trans Day of Remembrance on Weds, Nov 20th. We Dream, We Believe in, and We Demand a Trans Future where we are safe, supported, and seen.

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Our 10 Demands are:
1. Decriminalize HIV and sex work in Missouri
2. Expand Medicaid and Transgender Healthcare Protections Statewide
3. Provide Statewide and City Employment Protections 
4. Provide Statewide and City Public Accommodations Protections
5. Establish Trans-Affirming Housing Programs &/or Shelters in all cities over 150,000
6. Eliminate Conversion Therapy Statewide
7. Eliminate Racist and Transphobic Prison Disparities (#PeopleNotPrisons #ClosetheWorkhouse)
8. Let Trans Kids Learn: Implement Trans-Affirming Policy and Support GSAs for 6-12 grade
9. Establish Trans-Affirming Faith, Educational & Work Spaces
10. Hold Transphobic & Trans-Antagonistic Reporting Accountable

Read more about our demands here. Check out our action guide to see how you can uplift the campaign. 

The Trans Justice Program at the ACLU of Missouri strives to raise awareness about the challenges faced by trans, non-binary, intersex and gender non-conforming Missourians, and challenge barriers to true safety and justice in our state. We work to lift up trans & gnc leadership and steward a network of organizers committed to making Missouri a more welcoming, inclusive state. 
One key to achieving trans justice is to increase the general public’s awareness about what we mean when we say it. To support this effort, the Trans Justice Program is mounting a 10 Days of Trans Demands campaign for a second year in a row. 

Read more about our Trans Justice Program here

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