Prosecutors are the most influential actors in the criminal justice system. They have almost unlimited power to push for more punishment, often in ways that are largely hidden from public view. This focus on obtaining convictions and securing severe prison sentences, instead of addressing the root causes of crime, is a major driver of mass incarceration that compounds racial disparities throughout the justice system.

Jackson County Missouri has an election to decide who will be the next prosecutor coming up this November. Prosecutors who support criminal justice reform can be a powerful force for making long-overdue changes to laws that would reduce mass incarceration and racial disparities. A growing number of forward-thinking prosecutors are leading the way in altering this culture and carrying out new approaches. 

The two candidates are Republican Tracey Chappell and the current Jackson County Prosecutor Democrat Jean Peters Baker 

We created a survey for the two Jackson County candidates so that you know how the candidates stand on important issues such as money bail, accountability, and local control of the Kansas City police department

Below we have provided their survey responses: