ST. LOUIS –  The Advancement Project and ACLU of Missouri sent a letter today to St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners insisting they immediately address voting interference by poll workers in today’s primary election.

The voting rights watchdogs received complaints from several voters who requested Democratic Party ballots when they went to cast votes at their polling places and were instead given nonpartisan ballots. When these voters noticed the error and attempted to correct it, they were refused new ballots.  

According to Missouri law, if a voter is given an incorrect ballot, be it paper or electronic, they have the right to return that ballot and get a new one.

The organizations are deeply concerned when voters report interference and particularly concerned when interference is not promptly remedied. Interfering with the right to vote is a miscarriage of the democratic process at its most fundamental level.

Advancement Project and the ACLU of Missouri calls upon the St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners to address this problem immediately, to monitor polling places for the remainder of the day, and to thoroughly investigate the situation to prevent it from happening again.

Read the letter here.