People in jail are highly vulnerable to outbreaks of contagious illnesses. State and local law enforcement including the attorney general, district attorneys, and local police should reduce the number of people in state custody in order to prevent the virus from entering a prison or jail. We've been working push smart justice reforms and actions to keep everyone safe. 

To see daily updates on county jail populations. 

1. Read our letter to Criminal Justice Stakeholders. Click Here

2. Read our letter with Arch City Defenders, Macarthur Justice, Public Defenders, NAACP, along with criminal justice and health stakeholders send a joint letter to Chief Justice George W. Draper III, Supreme Court of Missouri, urging him to grant relief to the state jail population. Click Here 

3. Read our letter demanding the release of our most vulnerable from prisons and jails. Click Here

4. Call to Action Sheriffs: Will you help us and give your local jail a call to encourage them to decrease the number of people being held? Click Here

5. Call to Action Governor: Community members can help the ACLU of Missouri push for these changes by calling the Governor's office. Click Here

6.  Sara Baker, policy director for the ACLU of Missouri, explained on St. Louis on the Air that there’s a national bipartisan movement to get inmates who are most at risk moved to home detention. Listen Here

7. Read our letter to Missouri Senators opposing omnibus crime bill HB 1450. Click Here