The ACLU of Missouri filed a lawsuit against the city of St. Louis on behalf of a protestor unconstitutionally arrested during the 2017 Women’s March.

After being arrested, Jessica Langford was transported, booked, and detained in jail for some nine hours for not moving onto a sidewalk when police demanded she do so, even though she was not blocking any traffic. The arrest happened after the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department arbitrarily decided to end First Amendment expression while Langford was marching with others along Market Street.

At the heart of the lawsuit is a St. Louis ordinance that criminalizes blocking traffic and failing to obey police orders without protecting speech on streets and sidewalks under any circumstances.


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Anthony E. Rothert, Jessie Steffan, Omri E. Praiss, Gillian R. Wilcox

Date filed

December 6, 2018


United States District Court, Eastern District of Missouri