A Missouri law sought to prevent plant-based and clean meat companies from using the terms "chicken, beef, and sausages" on food labels, even if followed by modifiers such as "vegan" or "plant-based." A coalition of organizations — including the ACLU of Missouri, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the Good Food Institute, and plant-based meat powerhouse Tofurky — are challenging the law, which is scheduled to go into effect on August 28, 2018.
There is no evidence that this type of labeling is misleading to consumers and it is arguable that the law was created not to protect consumers, but to protect traditional meat companies. “Corporations – just like individuals – have the First Amendment right to free, truthful speech,” said ACLU of Missouri Legal Director Tony Rothert. “This law is unconstitutional because it makes truthful speech a crime.”
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Anthony Rothert, Jessie Steffan, Gillian Wilcox

Date filed

August 27, 2018


Missouri Western District Court, Central Division



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