Complaint Counselor - Intake Complaint Unit

Intake Complaint Unit Internship opportunities

Complaint Counselor (Unpaid)

Digital and Multimedia Evidence Reviewer (Unpaid)

Workshop Coordinator (Unpaid)

Who should apply? Undergraduate students with a strong interest in civil rights and civil liberties.  This is a tremendous opportunity to get in on the ground-floor of the ACLU's Intake Complaint Unit which receives and processes over 2000 complaints annually.  A great legal or public policy internship for undergraduates.  

What type of commitment is required?  A minimum of 2-3 days per week at 12-15 hours/week during the Fall and Spring.  During the summer months, a minimum of 3-5 days per week at 15-20 hours per week.  The internship hours are flexible as we will work around your academic schedule.  Unpaid part-time and unpaid full-time opportunities available.  Academic credit available.



Initiate and close-out complaints using Legal Files

Screen civil liberties complaints (phone calls, letters and electronic complaints) from Missourians.

Assist complainants in resolving disputes; provide information, referrals and suggestions; identify community resources.

Analyze written complaints

Conduct fact-finding investigations.

Review applicable regulations and statutes.

Draft responsive letters.

Special projects as assigned (Digital and Multimedia Evidence Section, Outreach to Faith-based Community and Outreach to Jails/Prisons)


Exemplary written and oral communication skills

Ability to work collaboratively across departmental lines and to engage professionally with staff members from all departments which includes ICU team members

Engaging, outgoing personality capable of projecting compassion and warmth when interacting with complainants

Enthusiasm for ACLU of Missouri's mission

An appreciation of and commitment to protecting the civil liberties of Missourians and promoting social justice

Educational Benefits

Develop interview skills

Develop a practical understanding of constitutional law

Learn how to conduct fact-finding investigation of complaints

Develop skills in complainant communication

Develop a better understanding of community resources available for resolving disputes

Develop skills in identifying and using administrative regulations and protocols

Participate in weekly ICU Review Team meetings

Participate in special events, such as hearing speakers on legal topics, touring a jail, watching a case in court

New Intern Orientation and Training

If selected for the internship program, you will be required to participate in the ACLU's New Intern Orientation and Training offering.  Pre COVID-19, the training was conducted on a Saturday during the months of April, August, and December from 10:00 a.m. - 2:30 p..m. onsite at the ACLU-MO.  As result of COVID-19 and our remote posture, at this time, the ACLU-MO’s New Intern Orientation and Training is now offered in a “Self-paced” format with digital remote access to the orientation and training materials provided 7 days prior to the program’s designated start date.

How to Apply

Early-bird Application Deadline:

For a summer internship (May-August) please submit application materials by March 31st. 

For a fall internship (September-December) please submit application materials by July 31st.

For a winter internship (January-May) please submit application materials by November 15th. 

Please email letter of interest expressing why you want to intern at the ACLU, resume, letter of recommendation and writing sample to:

L. Elaine Sutton, Deputy Director of Community Engagement

Integrated Advocacy Department

ACLU of Missouri
906 Olive Street
Suite 1103
St. Louis, MO  63101