Criminal Justice Reform

 The ACLU of Missouri is committed to helping our state re-envision a criminal justice system that is fair and free of racial bias, keeps our communities safe, and respects the rights of all who come into contact with it.

Reproductive Freedom

The ACLU of Missouri works to ensure equal access to comprehensive, quality, affordable and confidential reproductive health care and where personal decisions about sexual activity and child-bearing are informed and respected.

LGBTQ Education and Advocacy

We work to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people can live openly without discrimination and enjoy equal rights, personal autonomy, and freedom of expression and association.

Immigrants' Rights

The ACLU of Missouri is dedicated to reclaiming constitutional and civil rights for all Missourians, regardless of immigration status. 

More than 225,000 people across Missouri are foreign-born.

Voting Rights

St. Louis, you have Mayoral Election coming up and there is a new non-partisan primary approval voting process, here are the top actions you need to take.

School To Prison Pipeline

Missouri’s school discipline is inequitable. For years, the disproportionate discipline of students of color and students with disabilities has prevented these students from achieving their educational potential.

Racial Justice

The authors of the Declaration of Independence outlined a bold vision for America: a nation in which all people would be free and equal. More than two hundred years later, we've yet to achieve it. 

Death Penalty

The death penalty in America is a broken process from start to finish. Death sentences are predicted not by the heinousness of the crime but by the poor quality of the defense lawyers, the race of the accused or the victim, and the county and state in which the crime occurred.

Privacy and Technology

From big cities to small towns, Missourians value their privacy.

Laws and government practices that violate your privacy rights can come from Congress, but they can also be violated  -- and protected -- by state and local government.

Freedom of Speech and Open Government

The First Amendment is the cornerstone of our free society. The ACLU of Missouri is dedicated to ensuring that all people are free to express themselves – politically, artistically, socially and through other forms of personal expression – without government interference.