The ACLU of Missouri’s Liberty League is a way for community leaders to publicly state their support for the constitutional rights of all Missourians. Liberty League Members commit $1,200 or more each year, receive special insider communications, briefings and invitations to exclusive events.

We've printed special Centennial Tshirts for Liberty League members. If you'd like one, please contact Nicole Rainey with your size - or (314) 669-3419. They'll be first distributed at our St. Louis Centennial Celebration on January 12.

Save the date!

Join us at the Unicorn Theater at 6:00 on February 26 in Kansas City. The Liberty League is invited to an exclusive "peek" at new play, American Son. Cynthia Levin (Producing Artistic Director of Unicorn Theatre) and Damron Russell-Armstrong (Director of American Son and Producing Artistic Director of Black Repertory Theatre of Kansas City) will speak about the importance of the play, and the actors will rehearse a few scenes. Afterwards, we'll learn about how the play connects to ACLU issues.

On February 27 in St. Louis, join ACLU at noon for lunch to learn about voting rights. Rockstar ACLU staff attorney Gillian Wilcox will discuss the ACLU's recent wins for MO voters and answer questions about the 2020 voting landscape in Missouri. We'll meet at The Hideout, located at 210 N. Euclid.

For both events, RSVP to Nicole Rainey at

Liberty League Members commit to ensuring that the ACLU of Missouri has the resources we need to grow our most important work.

All Members who join in 2019 will be listed as Founding Members.

Founding Members

Dr. Aamina Akhtar 
Tom Barry and Michael Dufner
Terry and Gordon Bloomberg
Jen and Christopher Bradburn
Maxine Clark and Bob Fox
Susan Carlson and Gerry Greiman
Terry Crow
Dan Davis
Brendan Donelon
Josephine Goode Evans and Clayton Evans 
Christopher Finley and Daron Smith
Maureen Jordan
Diane and David Katzman
Helen Kornblum
Diane Gershman Levine and James Jenkins
DeeDee King 
Catherine B. Marek
Marti and Pat McLarney
Jeffrey Mittman
Natasha Merchant-Pappu and Dr. Rohit V. Pappu
Dana and Barry Sandweiss 
Geetha Sant
Mary and Steven Schoolman
Diann Spencer and Tom Everitt
Liz and Kara Sternhell-Blackwell
Linda and Grier Raclin
Suzanne and Bill Raney
Liza Townsend
Devora Tulcensky and Eric Mumford
Laurie Vincent and Brad Pierce
Linda and Robert W. Waugh
Gillian and Andrew Wilcox
Pam and Mark Woodard

To join or invite others to join, ask Nicole Rainey (Development Director) for details. Nicole can be reached at (314) 669-3419 or