ACLU Will Reach Over 200,000 Registered Voters in St. Louis

St. Louis – Today the ACLU of Missouri launched its GOTV Voter Education and Mobilization campaign in the upcoming St. Louis mayoral race. The organization is getting involved in the race because the stakes are incredibly high for civil rights and civil liberties issues, especially when it comes to the impact on Black and Brown communities, in St. Louis.

“Voters need to know that their rights and liberties are on the line during this Mayoral Election, from invasive spy planes to closing the Workhouse to protecting voting rights, you deserve to know where the candidates land on key issues that impact racial justice,” Luz María Henríquez, Executive Director American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri.

This effort includes the launch of a one-stop-shop election hub website where voters can learn about the records of candidates on key issues including what policies they are supporting to end systemic racism, like curbing surveillance policies for overpoliced communities, improving our criminal justice system, protecting voting rights and preventing eviction. It will also inform voters of important deadlines, and help voters create a plan to vote in the primary on March 2nd and the general election on April 6th.

On top of the voter education website, the ACLU of Missouri aims to mobilize its 1,279 St. Louis volunteers to contact and educate all registered city voters via texting, phone banking, digital ads, mailers, and webinars about the civil liberties and civil rights records of candidates and show that there is a civil liberty voter who factors those records into how they vote.

The ACLU of Missouri is a non-partisan organization and does not endorse or contribute to candidates for elected office. 

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