The ACLU of Missouri would like to inform our Members that our Board of Directors will consider changes to the ACLU-MO bylaws on June 15th.

Click here to view the revised Union bylaws: PDF iconUnion Bylaws April 2019.pdf

Click here to view the revised Foundation bylaws:

Overall Proposed Changes:

  • Separated Union and Foundation Bylaws into separate bylaws, as the organizations are separate and qualify under different 501(c) sections

Proposed Union Bylaws Changes:

  • Organization of bylaws modified for greater clarity
  • Remove matters which are not normally part of bylaws to a separate “Policies” manual, including petition process for joining board
  • Uniformly identify “Directors”, as opposed to use of term “Trustees” in some places
  • Provide for a minimum number of members to request a special meeting of the members (II.A.2)
  • Provide for minimum and maximum number of Directors (II.B.2)
  • Include Executive Director as non-voting member of Board of Directors and all committees
  • Revised term limits on officers
  • Reduction in Committees listed in Bylaws: two standing committees, others to be appointed as ad hoc committees
  • Remove Executive Committee as standing committee (this may be revised; a larger number of directors might necessitate formation of an executive committee)
  • Add general provisions normally included in bylaws

Proposed Foundation Bylaws Changes:

  • Largely mirror Union bylaw changes
  • Exception: Foundation Board members and officers automatically conform to appointments and replacements on Union Board, without other election or process



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