Around this time of year, you probably see a lot of appeals from nonprofits asking you to donate before the end of the year. You may have even seen one from us.

As we ask you to place your yearly giving where your heart and conscience are, we wanted to take a minute to let you know how ACLU members have made a real and concrete difference in the past year.

Our members are part of a steadfast force for constitutional rights in our nation.

When the government threatens those rights, we’re prepared with a plan to fight back. As threats to Americans’ liberty increase, we expand to meet the need. Regardless of what political party is in power, we fight. And we are winning.

We built the ACLU for this moment. And our members have made the decision to fight by our side.

When Missouri tried to restrict people’s right to vote by passing a bogus voter ID law, we fought back. Just days before the recent midterm election, the state appellate court agreed to allow our voter ID funding challenge to proceed—a win for us, the League of Women Voters, and all Missourians. (The ACLU is winning on voting rights nationwide. You might have seen recent coverage of our Kansas affiliate’s win against Kris Kobach and our National office’s win on behalf of voters in Georgia.)

When the city of St. Louis police illegally corralled protesters and put pepper spray in their eyes, we took them to court. We proved that the police violated protesters’ constitutional rights. Because of our legal team, a judge ruled that police must immediately change their tactics.  

When people languish in our justice system because they are poor, we are failing as a state. We sued the Missouri State Public Defender system to provide the constitutionally guaranteed right to an attorney. We’re working for sentencing reform and ending a system of cash bail that penalizes those who cannot afford it. We’re educating the public that Missourians deserve prosecuting attorneys who will choose people over prisons.

When Trump tries to define transgender people out of existence and when the state of Missouri refuses to protect their rights, we have a long-term plan for change. Our Transgender Education and Advocacy Program is empowering trans people across the state to tell their stories. When we share these stories in the state legislature, our leaders learn about real Missourians’ lives. Our work is more crucial now than ever.

Beyond Missouri, ACLU member dollars go to work across the nation. The ACLU filed more than 203 legal actions against the Trump administration—with more in the pipeline. Our federal lawsuit stopped family separation in its tracks, leading to the reunification of 2,700 children. In all 50 states, we are in the courts, streets, and state legislatures to hold the government accountable.

But there is so much more to do. So much more to protect.

This is why your membership matters. 

Today we're reminding you that you have a way to take action.

You help us do the work and make a real difference in the lives of so many. In 2019, we will continue to win—if we have your support.

Become a card-carrying member of the ACLU and know that you've done your part to make sure our state, and our nation, respect everyone's civil liberties. 

Thank you for your investment, and for fighting by our side. 

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