ACLU of Missouri: “We’ll see you in court.”

Statement attributed to Tony Rothert, Acting Executive Director, ACLU of Missouri

The Missouri constitution gives citizens the right to veto a newly enacted law by referendum.

Secretary of State John Ashcroft is caught up in Missouri politicians' longing to be the first state in the nation to ban abortion. Predictably, he is trying to deprive Missourians’ of their right to weigh in on the abortion question with a vote.

Denying the people their constitutional right to referendum is a sad and cynical ploy, but it is not surprising given that HB126’s entire purpose is to elevate the legislature above constitutional rights.

This cowardly move by the Secretary of State proves that Missouri’s anti-abortion zealots understand that they’re acting against the wishes of the majority. They hope to short-circuit the people’s vote because they know they will lose if the people get their say.

This move is so predictable, we’ve already assembled our suit to require the Secretary of State to put aside his anti-abortion agenda and do his job by certifying the referendum.