We would never think it's okay for an employer or teacher to casually look through an employee or student's diary, mail, or photos.

Right now, in Missouri, the 21st century equivalent could happen if an employer, teacher or potential landlord asks for your password to your personal social media accounts. You have a right to privacy made clear in both the Missouri Constitution and the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Sign our petition and let Missouri's elected officials know that privacy is important to you.

House Bill 1358 and Senate Bill 899 prohibit schools, landlords, and employers from punishing a tenant, student, potential student, employee, or candidate for employment, for refusing to reveal their password to access their personal social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter.

You should decide what you want to share on your social media accounts.

That's why we support House Bill 1358 and Senate Bill 899, which protect password-level access to your online accounts. It keeps your private information private. Only when we protect the privacy of everyone can free expression thrive.

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