FILED! Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP took the state of Missouri to court to stop HB126 from taking effect in our state. Click here to read more about the case.  

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft is robbing us of our constitutional right to a referendum. If you're reading this, you likely signed up to spend your summer collecting referendum signatures. You may have attended our calls and community meetings. You have gone to great lengths to become notaries. We are so grateful for your energy and commitment. Know this: it's not over. Your strength and power are still needed.

The referendum is one tool, but we have others. One is registering voters. To learn more, go to

To learn more about why this happened, read the open letter to Secretary Ashcroft below.

Open Letter to Secretary Ashcroft

From ACLU-MO, Catholics for Choice, NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri, Planned Parenthood Advocates in Missouri, Reproaction, and SEIU Missouri/Kansas State Council

Dear Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, 

On May 24, Governor Mike Parson signed into law one of the cruelest bans on abortion in the nation: House Bill 126. This dangerous bill criminalizes abortion at nearly every stage of pregnancy and includes zero exceptions for survivors of rape and incest. 

House Bill 126 puts politicians at the center of a deeply personal decision that belongs to a pregnant person and those they trust most: their family, health care providers, and faith community — not the government. This bill was designed with one goal in mind: To put Missouri at the front of a political race to overturn Roe v. Wade at the Supreme Court. 

But when Missourians raised their voices to put this dangerous abortion ban to a vote of the people, there was one person stopping them: you. 

Secretary Ashcroft, by deliberately refusing to do your job to provide ballot language for the people's referendum, you have denied Missourians their constitutional right to protest House Bill 126 at the ballot box. Today, with less than one month before House Bill 126 is set to take effect on August 28, it is evident the people’s referendum will not be on the ballot, and Missourians will not be allowed to vote. 

But you know this — your sad and cynical delay was designed purposefully to silence the voice of the people and deprive them the opportunity to challenge this blatantly unconstitutional ban at the polls. 

We, the undersigned, will not allow you to silence the pro-choice majority and willfully jeopardize the health and safety of millions of Missourians. We are committed to protecting every person’s constitutional right to referendum, and their right to access legal abortion. As Missourians from Kansas City, Columbia and Springfield to St. Louis and Cape Girardeau we believe individuals making personal decisions about their body and future deserve to be treated with compassion and understanding, not shame and coercion. Together with the vast majority of Missourians who support access to legal abortion, we unite under one rallying cry: no abortion bans not now, not ever.

Today and every day we will continue to fight for every person’s fundamental right to access legal abortion — and we won’t stop until we vote out every politician who gets in between a pregnant person and their right to make personal decisions about their life, body, and destiny.

Today is a tipping point for reproductive freedom in Missouri. Join the No Bans on Choice Campaign and learn about future actions at


American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri

Catholics for Choice

NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri

Planned Parenthood Advocates in Missouri


SEIU Missouri/Kansas State Council