The St. Louis County Reform Coalition strongly opposes the decision today by assistant prosecutors in the county to join the St. Louis Police Officers Association. Every worker should have the right to organize but the choice by prosecutors to join a police union can only further damage what's left of the trust between our communities and the entire criminal justice system.

Serious ethical conflicts arise when prosecuting attorneys place themselves under the direct governing authority of the police union. The community will not tolerate this abdication of the responsibility.

The people of St. Louis County made it clear that they wanted a prosecutors' office that would hold police accountable when they elected Wesley Bell but their choice in being undermined by police and prosecutors clinging to the status quo. 

This decision is only confirmation of the need for our coalition and every person in St. Louis County that wants safe and just communities to continue demanding change as Wesley Bell takes office.

The St. Louis County Reform Coalition represents individuals and organizations who are deeply committed to policies aimed at reducing racial bias and improving the criminal justice system in St. Louis County.