Stop the Bans!
The Missouri House passed the most extreme abortion bill in the country.
House Bill 126 would ban abortion at six weeks – before most women even know they are pregnant. Its Missouri Senate counterpart, Senate Bill 279, is just as extreme.
These bills could cost the state $7 billion (yes, billion) in lost federal Medicaid funds because they do not contain an exception for rape or incest.
A woman’s health should guide important medical decisions throughout her pregnancy, not political interference.
These bills block women’s access to safe abortions. They are dangerous and unconstitutional.
Women have a right to end a pregnancy. That decision is personal not political.
Let legislators know that women’s reproductive health must be a priority and that women in Missouri have a constitutional right to access a safe abortion.
Call today to tell your legislator to Stop The Bans. The Missouri Legislature must support women’s reproductive health and say NO to House Bill 126 and Senate Bill 279. Use our call page to dial for you.
Sign our petition to show your support for a woman's right to access abortion and reproductive health. 
We're joining in the Repro Week of Action, a series of events dedicated to preserving a woman's constitutional right to access abortion. Join us as we push back against the bans.
Stand with us to Stop the Bans.