Your vote can transform the criminal justice system. That's why we're launching a campaign to educate voters about the most powerful person in your community you may not know: the prosecuting attorney.
We'll be knocking on doors every weekend in July, as we kick off this effort by educating voters about the candidates in the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney primary election. Canvassing is part of a larger effort to help people understand that they can help transform the criminal justice system in St. Louis County and communities across Missouri by picking prosecuting attorneys who make smart justice policies a priority.
Voters must learn they have the power to elect officials who will hold police accountable, end racial disparities in our criminal justice system, and ensure that justice means justice no matter if you are rich or poor. Your prosecuting attorney's commitment to those goals can transform justice for you and your neighbors. While we do not support, oppose or endorse candidates, we are compelled to get involved because there is much at stake for civil liberties and civil rights, in St. Louis and across Missouri.
A community's prosecuting attorney holds immense power at each stage of criminal proceedings — from charging decisions to the sentences they seek — and can wield that influence to transform the criminal justice system.
At, you can read the questionnaires answered by St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Democratic candidates Bob McCulloch and Wesley Bell. In the fall, we'll update the website to include questionnaire responses from prosecuting attorney candidates across the state who are on the ballot this November.
If you're in the St. Louis area, help us knock on doors and educate voters. If you're interested in what you can do in other parts of the state, contact us so we can connect with you as we continue our Missouri-wide Smart Justice campaign.
July 11 is the deadline to register to vote in the August 7 primary. Register and remember to vote! Our democracy needs your participation.

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