Don is someone we will always remember and admire, not only for his fine legal work, but also for his unmatched compassion for the underdog and as a fierce defender of the Bill of Rights.  He truly was – and remains – an authentic Civil Liberties and Jazz Hero.

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ACLU Files sunshine law suit over ACT Missouri's refusal to release public documents

The ACLU of Missouri has filed a Sunshine Law suit on behalf of Aaron M. Malin against the Missouri Association of Community Task Forces (ACT Missouri) for denying a request for the release of public documents. 

ACT Missouri fulfilled two previous requests and acknowledged that it was doing so to comply with the Sunshine Law.  But, ACT denied a Nov. 18, 2014 request claiming that it is not subject to the law.  

ACT Missouri is a “quasi-public governmental body” because its primary purpose is to undertake work pursuant to an agreement with a public governmental body, the Missouri Department of Mental Health, and it accepts appropriated funds directly from a public governmental body.  The records of quasi-public governmental bodies are “public records” that, with some exceptions, may be viewed by the public upon request.

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