Join ACLU of Missouri at the Women's March

The ACLU of Missouri is proud to support and participate in the Women's Marches happening across our state. We invite you to join us in a day of solidarity, action, and organizing on Saturday, January 21. 

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Accountable Policing: It's Time to Do the Work

With pomp and circumstance, Missouri inaugurated its 56th governor, Eric Greitens, in Jefferson City on Monday. Now with all officials sworn in after one of the most tumultuous elections ever, this week the Missouri Legislature began its efforts to dismantle the rights of Missourians.

In his speech, Greitens recognized our state's history of racial inequality and our current state of political divisiveness. He called on Missourians to work together. Read more.

ACLU of Missouri Supports Fourth Amendment Affirmation Act

The ACLU of Missouri supports the Fourth Amendment Affirmation Act, recently filed in the Missouri Senate, to reduce racial disparities in policing in Missouri.

African-American drivers in Missouri are 69 percent more likely to be stopped than whites, according to a 2015 report from the Missouri attorney general’s office.  This unequal treatment of racial minorities while driving has been documented for more than 15 years.

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Resolve To Get Involved in 2017

This New Year, we ask you to add one more resolution for 2017: Get involved.

Stand with the ACLU of Missouri to help us defend the rights of all Missourians. The time is now. It is more important than ever that we unite and for equality. For justice. For each other.

Here are a few ways:

In 2017, we resolve to keep on fighting for you.

Statement on Changes to Missouri's Criminal Law and Student Rights

Many of you have come to us expressing concern after a media flurry about upcoming changes to Missouri’s criminal laws.

Recently, these changes have been reported out of context as requiring students as young as five to be charged with felonies for ordinary discipline issues that should be handled by the schools. Read more. 

Court Finds Mandatory Drug Testing of College Students Unconstitutional

The ACLU of Missouri and the national ACLU’s Criminal Law Reform Project filed a class-action lawsuit against Linn State Technical College (now known as State Technical College of Missouri) on behalf of several students who were required to take a drug test in order to remain enrolled, even though the College had no reason to believe that the students were abusing drugs and no documented problems with drugs in the college’s 50-year history.

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Statement on Overturning of Michael Johnson Conviction

The ACLU of Missouri firmly agrees with the Missouri Court of Appeals decision overturning Michael Johnson’s unconstitutional conviction and 30-year sentence.

“While the Court of Appeals correctly recognized that Johnson’s conviction was based on violation of his right to a fair trial, that is just the beginning of the trouble with this entire case,” said ACLU of Missouri Legal Director Tony Rothert. “The law under which he is charged is based on outdated science from a time when HIV policy was based on panic.  The prosecution used that fear, along with racism and homophobia, to get a conviction.”

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Lawsuit Challenges Missouri Department of Corrections’ Lack of Hepatitis C Treatment

The Missouri Department of Corrections and its healthcare provider are intentionally defying medical standards in refusing to adequately treat the thousands of inmates with hepatitis C.

“Prison officials are torturing hundreds of inmates—sometimes to death—by withholding a cure to an often fatal disease,” said ACLU of Missouri Legal Director Tony Rothert. “This failure to respect human life and dignity not only violates the Constitution, but also sharply increases the cost of treatment the state must pay when their condition worsens, as well as for the other inmates who will contract hepatitis C because officials have chosen to needlessly expose them to an untreated, highly infectious disease.”

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