University city violates resident's free speech and due process rights 

ACLU of Missouri sues University City on behalf of a citizen who was removed from a city council meeting by order of the mayor when he attempted to speak on an issue under discussion.

St. Louis, MO -- Today, the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri filed suit against the city of University City, Missouri, on behalf of city resident Andrew Roberts. The mayor of University City ordered police to remove Roberts from a city council meeting after he attempted to state his opposition to a proposed resolution during the public comment period of the meeting. The mayor also barred Roberts from speaking at future meetings.

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ACLU of Missouri Sues City of Belton for Panhandling Ordinance that Infringes on Individual’s First Amendment Rights

Kansas City, MO -- Today, the ACLU of Missouri filed suit against the City of Belton, Missouri, on behalf of Missouri resident Roger Walker, challenging a Belton ordinance that restricts panhandling. Panhandling is protected under the First Amendment.

Walker, a 67-year-old amputee with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and congestive heart failure, is confined to a motorized wheelchair and panhandles to secure donations of food and money. Despite the fact that Walker’s requests are protected by the First Amendment, he has been forced to stop panhandling because the Belton police have repeatedly threatened to arrest him and impound his motorized wheelchair for violating a city ordinance that prohibits soliciting on roadways.

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ACLU of Missouri files lawsuit against the slmpd

St. Louis, MO -- Despite recent rulings that the Metropolitan Police Department of the City of St. Louis (SLMPD) must release certain investigative reports to the public, SLMPD has again withheld these open records and refused to give them to Curtis Farber. Because of this refusal violates the Sunshine Law, the ACLU of Missouri today filed suit against SLMPD on behalf of Mr. Farber. 

“It should not take a lawsuit for a taxpayer to access this type of public information. Instead of continuing to assert a failed legal theory in order to keep public records secret, the department should embrace the transparency and accountability required by law,” explains Tony Rothert, Legal Director of the ACLU of Missouri. “It is beyond time for the police department to start following the law.”

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