day 1

Day 1

Be an ally in public.


day 2

Day 2

Be an ally to Black & POC TGNC folks.


day 3

Day 3

Download the Trans Ally toolkit, print it out & read it!


day 4

Day 4

Be an ally in your family & to chosen loved ones


day 5

Day 5

Be an ally in the healthcare field


day 6

Day 6

Be an ally via the media you consume. Research trans actors and musicians today and include them in your media rotation.


day 7

Day 7

Be an ally in Faith spaces (also Faith Day of Declaration).


day 8

Day 8

Put your allyship commitments in writing. Fill out the commitment form and request a training to put support and a date on your accountability.


day 9

Day 9

Be an ally at work.


day 10

Day 10

Be an ally at school/in education settings.


day 11

Final Day (Oct 11, National Coming Out Day)

Come Out as an ally offline! Have an IRL convo today or before this week is over about being more explicitly trans-affirming in your group/school/work/org.